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We empower consumers to measure the quality of experience closest to what they actually experience. Our tests include measuring single thread speed, web experience, video experience and using hosts on locations where most consumers consume data such as CDNs

Active probes

Perform 24/7 monitoring of your key locations through our dedicated hardware, running on the 5GMARK engine. Our probe can be connected through ETHERNET, WIFI, or any cellular network

Self-Measurement Kits

Using 5GMARK, QoE experts across enterprises, operators and regulators can build their own QoE measurement kits. White label our 5GMARK app to suit your own UI/UX guidelines or simply integrate our 5GMARK SDK in the existing app to gather QoE data

Integrated QoE Maps

Combine data gathered through our tools with data from your internal systems such as CRM, Network OSS and BSS to create a rich map view. Aggregate across time and bin sizes and rapidly query by location and cell site to view the network QoE status in that location.

Use Cases

Customer Care

Whether you are a telecom service provider or an enterprise with a distributed workforce, empower your customers towards solving their connectivity issues through our network experience platform. Using our 5GMARK SDKs, probes and self-measurement kits, constant collection of data around connectivity is possible both by location and end-user

Key Benefits :

  • Targeted Enterprise or high value customer care.
  • Faster resolution of complaints.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Lower costs.


Key locations such as airports, shopping malls, VIP offices and commercial buildings require constant monitoring of the network from a customer experience perspective. Leverage our probes and other tools on Wi-Fi, Cellular or Ethernet to put in place a highly low-cost 24×7 network monitoring solution

Key Benefits :

  • High footfall venue monitoring.
  • VIP location monitoring.
  • Monitoring customer experience along with network KPIs.
  • Low maintenance and easy to setup monitoring infrastructure.


Our QoE platform is capable of ingesting various types of data including that of 5GMARK and CRM data such as customer complaints, BSS KPIs, time spent on different radio network types, coverage maps, PoI shape files and other crowdsourced location intelligence data and aggregating it by bins of varying size

Key Benefits :

  • Reducing overall complaints by targeting high complaint grids.
  • Identifying network promoters and detractors.
  • Experience based network investment planning.
  • Driving network BTL and ATL marketing.

Audits and Benchmarking

Get in-depth QoE audits of outdoor and in-building network experience using our 5GMARK. Leveraging several years of experience and in-house RF expertise, we enable telecom service providers, neutral hosts and enterprises to conduct detailed QoE and RF audits of their network performances through our platform’s capabilities and 3rd party RF audit tools like Infovista, TEMS, Accuver, Keysight, Nemo etc.

Key Benefits :

  • New site acceptances.
  • Inbuilding network assessments.
  • City/Cluster benchmarking.

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