Retail 2.0 is all about digital in-store experience and to deliver a great experience, high quality connectivity is an essential requirement. The key challenge for the retailer in Europe was to put in place a low-cost and robust monitoring mechanism that would ensure high quality connectivity across all its stores. The retailer leveraged MOZARK’s 5GMARK product to deliver this in a cost effective manner.


MOZARK helped monitor the instore connectivity by collecting measurement data from mobiles using 5GMARK.

  • Self-measuring kits with multiple devices, supporting both cellular and Wi-Fi were deployed.
  • Kits were powered by autonomous 5GMARK white labeled interface that is used for monitoring.
  • Measurement was made at the click of a button, pre-configured test scripts would run and the data collected was transferred to a centralized server where analytics and reporting were carried out.
  • Kits were moved within the stores by the store employees themselves to cover all spaces.


The retailer achieved nationwide 360-degree view of the connected experience inside their stores within weeks. This view allowed them to identify stores where connectivity had to be improved, negotiate better SLAs with service providers and market their stores as digital ready.

By ensuring a world class connected experience in all its stores, the retailer was able to transform its in-store experiences to being truly digital and also reduce the cost of its connectivity operations dramatically

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