Video streaming is all about providing uninterrupted, high resolution content to customers while they are at home, work or travelling. In an era of every increasing application releases, keeping a track of the quality of experience and ensuring that you are the best amongst peers is a challenge. The OTT player was looking for a cost effective solution for user experience monitoring and diagnosing issues quickly. MOZARK leveraged its industry first AQUAMARK product to deliver this in a cost-effective manner.


MOZARK helped monitor the instore connectivity by collecting measurement data from mobiles using 5GMARK.

  • Tests were carried out in 22 cities and benchmarked against 4 competitors. Both responsiveness and streaming capabilities were tested.
  • Several major KPIs were measured – time to load the app, video play start time, video buffering time, number of buffering tested.
  • Troubleshooting was simple; network, android, appium, and screen logs were captured from the device and analyzed to provide valuable insights.
  • Key observations were:
    1. Higher tracking and marketing analytics SDK integrations compared to its competitors was slowing the app down.
    2. Network calls were longer and sequential leading to a degraded app loading experience.
    3. Live streaming performance was poorer than its own VoD performance.
    4. Choice of CDN was not optimized by geography.


The app gained valuable insights to initiate a focused program on improving Quality of Experience. They identified that their app load workflow, live streaming architectures, and CDN host needed significant optimization. Mozark aggregated the “outside in” data and the apps “inside out” data into a framework to institutionalize a common metric language across the organization to track and improve QoE.

MOZARK helped the app in targeting its marketing focus and improve churn reduction, enabling it to transform its in-app experience and not lose out on significant revenue.

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