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5GMARK is an industry proven network test platform to measure, analyse and improve public and private mobile and broadband connectivity. We have an innovative methodology for measuring QoE:

Focus on user experience

  • Measure web and video experience, not just throughput, speed.
  • Test hosts on public cloud, CDNs to measure true user experience.
  • Hosts owned by MOZARK and not by ISPs.
  • Single & multi thread testing for actual & capacity measurements.
Internet speed checker
Internet speed checker

Single engine across test configurations

  • Stand-alone app to crowdsource data on QoE.
  • Active hardware probes for 24×7 monitoring.
  • Background SDK agent for self-care.
  • Drive / walk test based field data collection.

Custom built test kits for Enterprises

  • White-label network testing app for enterprises in days.
  • Self-measurement kits for Enterprise IT/Network engineer.
  • Enterprise office network monitoring using probes.
Internet speed checker


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  • Build a network testing of your own in days.
  • Configure your own testing scripts.
  • Group field staff into different fleet accounts.
  • View analysis of data by fleet account.
  • Integrate 5GMARK testing SDK into your self-care in minutes.
  • Active and passive testing supported by SD.
  • Deploy 5GMARK probes by just plugging into a socket.
  • Monitoring WiFi or cellular connectivity in indoor locations 24×7.
  • Real time and trend analysis of data collected.
  • Group by devices / fleet and set up custom alerts.

Use Cases

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  • Ensure WiFi and Cellular connectivity readiness for Smart Retail.
  • Lower cost of monitoring & proactively identify, fix issues.
  • Ensure seamless in-cabin WiFi/Cellular experience on train/bus route.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through high quality in-cabin entertainment.
  • Increase awareness of the quality of connectivity in your city.
  • Improve connectivity by est.ablishing win-win relationships with ISPs
  • Assess connectivity experience of your building WiFi and DAS networks.
  • Reduce O&M cost through remote diagnostics and reducing field intervention.
  • Increase customer awareness of QoE through crowdsourcing.
  • Reduce cost of drive / walk tests for network measurements.
  • Gather accurate on-field QoE data at low cost.
  • Improve self-care by integrating network testing.

Build a Better Connected Experience

Measure and enhance the quality of Connected Experience. Our products are designed to measure quality of application, content delivery networks and last mile networks.