How Does it Work

How does it work?

Key Highlights

Monthly Pay-out

Get paid monthly
based on your Daily Active
Users (DAU).

Zero Device Footprint

Less than 1% impact
on battery and user
mobile data.

Zero Impact

No impact on an app as 5GMark is a lightweight SDK

GDPR Compliant

We protect user privacy

Extensive Documentation

Extensive documentation for SDK integration into Android, iOS and Unity.

About Us

Our products 5GMARK (Network Experience), AQUAMARK (App Experience) and INDOORMARK (Indoor Experience) are designed for this purpose.

The world is getting increasingly connected. Use cases that are going digital are exploding as more devices get connected and network technology evolves to provide greater bandwidth.

As the business and technology complexity of providing the necessary connectivity infrastructure rises, it becomes even harder to “guarantee” a certain Quality of Experience to customers.

Our platform uses cutting edge technologies such as no reference video and audio analysis, robotic process automation, ML driven radio frequency simulations and deep packet inspection to measure performance that accurately reflects user perception. Mozark specializes in measuring and enhancing the quality of digital experience, thus reducing your churn and acquisition cost.

We work with telecommunication service providers, building owners/neutral hosts (e.g., enterprises, real estate), regulators, application publishers, and VNOs to enhance the QoE delivered to customers.

Privacy Policy

When we say no personal data, we mean it. We do not collect any personal information. This protects user privacy, and ensures compliance with data protection and privacy laws such as GDPR. We do not collect any information which violates Google Play or App Store regulations or user privacy

Build a Better Digital Experience

Measure and enhance the quality of Connected Experience. Our products are designed to measure quality of application, content delivery networks and last mile networks.

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