Testing at Edge

Device clouds use simulated network and don’t allow you testing of application in real locations.

Our set globally distributed devices allows testing of apps at real locations connected to real network in 30+ cities.

UX Analytics

Measure UX performance by monitoring 100+ KPIs that check responsiveness, streaming, video quality and resource utilization.

Improve performance with in-depth network call flow, CDN performance, and protocol (TCP, UDP, TLS) analysis.



Integrate CI-CD tools, test-case repository and issue tracking tools.

Integrate CI-CD tools, test-case repository and issue tracking tools

Zero Intrusiveness

Measure your application performance without any SDK integration or code change.

Monitor your UX experience across countries with a single view and benchmark your performance against your peers

Experience is All

Perfect connectivity anywhere and anytime is a major challenge not only for consumers, enterprises and public entities but also for mission critical situations that will be powered by new age technologies such as 5G and IoT. Mozark’s connectivity experience platform that is aimed at measuring, diagnosing, and enhancing connectivity QoE.

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