Network Benchmarking

Benchmark real application use cases (e.g. video streaming, ecommerce).

Get an RCA across all layers (RF L3, TCP/IP, UDP, TLS, DNS, HTTP/S etc).

Benchmark on-road and indoor experience.

Application UX Benchmarking

Benchmark against any peer app.

Get an RCA report on what is slowing down your app.

Benchmark mobility experience.

Automation App Testing

25+ distributed device pops and access to 75+ device make & models.

Devices connected to real “carrier” networks.

Easy integration into test management (e.g. TestRail), bug reporting (e.g. JIRA) & messaging apps (e.g. Slack).

Client Testimonials

Experience is All

Perfect connectivity anywhere and anytime is a major challenge not only for consumers, enterprises and public entities but also for mission critical situations that will be powered by new age technologies such as 5G and IoT. Mozark’s connectivity experience platform that is aimed at measuring, diagnosing, and enhancing connectivity QoE.

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