Real devices on real networks

Connect to over 5000+ real devices, paired to real mobile or Wi-Fi networks. With presence in over 30+ cities leverage one of the widest distributed cloud in the industry. Analyze your UX performance in mobility scenarios (e.g. on car) to get a real view of how your users are likely to experience your app

Zero Intrusiveness

Measure your application performance without any SDK integration or code change. Monitor your UX experience across countries with a single view and benchmark your performance against your peers


In-Depth Diagnostics

Monitor 100+ KPIs that measure your apps responsiveness, streaming, video quality and resource utilization. Get in-depth network call flow analysis, CDN performance analysis and protocol (TCP, UDP, TLS) analysis. Correlate network and CDN KPIs with your UX KPIs to identify improvement opportunities

High Reliability

Reliability is at the heart of our platform. Get UX KPIs that are accurate to the level of 50ms irrespective of whether the test was done in good or poor network, static or mobile, low end or high end device

Use Cases

We understand that building a great quality app is essential to your business. AQUAMARK helps you get a comprehensive assessment of your apps experience by benchmarking against your peers and also identifying optimization actions.

UX Analytics

Measure and monitor the UX performance of your app and that of your peers across multiple cities and carriers. Monitor responsiveness, streaming, resource utilization and perceptual quality KPIs in real time

Key Features :

  • Monitor and analyze 100+ KPIs
  • Benchmark against any peer app
  • Correlate UX performance with network/carrier and CDN performance
  • Measure performance in mobility conditions
  • Leverage AI engine for alerts

Automation Testing

Test your app across our 5000+ devices across 30+ locations. Capture functional bugs before they reach your customers. Automate your functional testing completely without any overheads of managing your own devices

Key Features :

  • Remote access to all makes & models of real devices in 30+ cities
  • Support for multiple testing frameworks & languages
  • Comprehensive portal for managing your end to end test cycle with CI/CD integrations
  • Aggregate access to multiple device clouds into one platform

Connected Device Care

Remotely diagnose your connect device (e.g STBs, Smart TVs) using our integrated device, network, CDN and application diagnostics platform. Build your own white label self-diagnostics application for users and drive self-care. Dramatically reduce your care costs

Key Features :

  • Integrate TR-369, network/CDN testing and application UX analytics in one agent
  • Remotely fix problems through actions such as restart device, clear cache
  • Remotely control your users screen to guide through the actions to be taken
  • Ensure no impact on your device CPU/Memory use using our light weight agent

Build a Better Connected Experience

Measure and enhance the quality of Connected Experience. Our products are designed to measure quality of application, content delivery networks and last mile networks.